How To Order Better When Eating Out

We eat out for fun, for convenience, for delicious food, for so many reasons but a lot of us order food often. What goes in and on you more often has the biggest impact on your health.

What you order more often will say a lot about your better health results. So if you feel like you are eating better, exercising better, sleeping better and still not seeing results, this challenge is for you.

“Perfect food is born of perfect order ” – Daniel Patterson

Despite what chef Daniel says, there is no perfect order. But there is a better that we can create.


We’ve all ordered something and it didn’t deliver on a better taste. That will happen. But we do want to aim to order what will be delicious, for us, more often. That begins with ordering what you really want, in that moment, then learning to order it better. Too often ordering “healthy” turns out to not satisfy so we go looking for something else delicious after or later.

Better Quality, Quantity & Nutrient Balance make a better order. Ask your practitioner about the Better Nutrition Plan to help you assess your typical order to see what’s better (keep that!) & which choices could be better.

If you can’t afford a better nutrition option then it isn’t your better choice. But, there are usually better, not perfect, choices that are affordable.

If you are ordering food, are you drinking with it? Ask your practitioner about the Better Water Evaluation to know how much you need, and how to get in your better water amount more often. If you are getting alcohol, remember 9 sips is your max (and count it as your dessert) if staying on plan.

So are you ready to order better, not perfect, more often? Getting and keeping better health begins with knowing we have choices. While there is never a perfect choice, there are better ones, for you, to make more often.


  • What do you really want
  • Review the whole menu
  • Check out the sides
  • Pick your better carb choice (potato or rice or beans or beets or corn
  • or small of some/each)
  • Sauces on the side, spices on/in the food
  • More non-starchy veggies
  • Communicate your diet needs clearly (gluten, dairy, nuts etc)
  • Choose alcohol or dessert