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I help endurance athletes learn to fuel their bodies for performance, stop restricting and start thriving in life.


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A C H I V E Y O U R G O A L S & L I V E W E L L A C H I V E Y O U R G O A L S & L I V E W E L L A C H I V E Y O U R G O A L S & L I V E W E L L

I've been there, done that.

My Holistic Approach

Maybe you've been dieting for what seems like forever and are not seeing results. Or, you've continued to decrease calories and increase cardio, but you're losing weight.

You're doing "everything right," but not seeing results.

I've been where you and I can help.

After decades of yo-yo dieting and deprivation, I learned to fuel my body and performance properly. In turn, I discovered my passion for coaching and helping others through their own health journeys.

I take a whole health approach to coaching that believes your results and health come from more than just food and exercise. I take into consideration your goals, lifestyle, and preferences to create an individualized nutrition program for sustainable results.

Performance Training That Gets Results

This is the time you might spend on a reverse diet. If your hormones are out of balance or metabolism has slowed, you spend some time (varies for everyone) allowing your body to recover and prepare for your next round of fat loss.

Your body is primed to lose fat, and you are physically and mentally ready to work! You have increased your macro intake high enough you have room to create a deficit without dropping too low. And, you have prepped your body to perform.

We take the time to return you to homeostasis. We focus a lot on biofeedback in this phase. This is your maintenance phase. We work on habits (mentally and metabolically).You get mentally and physically prepared to PUSH again!

Rachel helped me to truly hone in on my goals to make my nutrition more succinct to match my activity and overall goal. Since working with her I've achieved more day-to-day energy, less hunger, and I've been able to lose weight that I couldn’t get off myself.


Hi, I'm Rachel!

certified nutrition coach, personal trainer and group exercise instructor

I am a mom, lawyer, athlete, nutrition coach, and personal trainer. I was a chronic dieter for most of my adult life. As an endurance athlete, I was always under-fueled and exhausted.

After the birth of my second child, I suffered from postpartum depression and hypothyroidism. I struggled for the next few years to lose weight and achieve the body composition I was after.

A few years ago, I decided I had enough. I stopped restrictive eating and learned to fuel my body. I became a happier and healthier mom, wife, and athlete. My hope is to empower other women to do the same!

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